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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 20, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm CET

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on the streets for our rights are not only for discussion. they are women for changing. already. digital. starts to go. on. growing on the us mexico border as thousands from the so-called migrant caravan wait to apply for asylum in the u.s. and now a judge says the president can't deny the right to claim asylum for those who cross the border illegally i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day.
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that's really what we are demanding and ordered control of illegal immigration that's going to go. i'm going to quit playing from the bottom of our country how could become it's a cause of violence again i would have you against a. real attorney i'm going to fight and if i can get into the united states all requests for political asylum here in mexico could be ending we're only causing through we won't stay here i want to get out of there. and also coming up a stolen childhood the plight of an eight year old syrian refugee forced to work in the fields to feed her family. when i came here from home today can collect the onions but i would rather have toys to play with. but first we
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begin in the united states where there has been a major blow to donald trump's immigration policy a judge has temporarily blocked a law aimed at denying the possibility of asylum to people who enter the country illegally trump issued the proclamation earlier this month citing national security concerns as a caravan of thousands of central american migrants which he calls an invasion made its way through mexico toward the u.s. border now around three thousand migrants are waiting in the mexican city of tijuana to apply for asylum in the u.s. thousands more are still making their way through mexico d.w. went to the us mexico border at tio wanna wear a few asylum applications are being processed each day and where tension and frustration are running high. this family and here to request asylum volunteers at the border crossing are helping them with the application which can take at least two months to process that's
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a long time to wait without work or shelter for already leo his wife and four children the journey from guatemala already took a month. having to wait here is what worries us. we can't stay outside for so long it's very cold. if two one his government gives us the chance to work there will stay and see how we can get into the us. the local government has assured migrants that they can work here. but some experts doubt the city can support so many in the long term. the middle class there are around seven thousand jobs that could be offered to both mexican us and migrants in this city sickening the local manufacturing industry could employ some of them you know although it currently doesn't have much hiring capacity. the momentum of.
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the ngo that's helped the caravan scene from ted us is keen to point out any opportunities the aid workers want to keep the migrant spirits high and convince them of the dangers of crossing the border illegally. there are twenty thousand jobs in construction that even offer training to those without experience. the union workers always has more than five hundred people could die any year when tensions are high because there's a lot of violence. i've been at. the n.g.o.s urging migrants to be patient but the lack of shelter and hostile atmosphere and is fueling that despair more and more of them a considering climbing the wall or even swimming around it bloody marys one of them
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. we're thinking about crossing by sea. white until the waves go down then take a chance. with. the migrants have little chance of being granted asylum in the u.s. under the trumpet ministration although there's a bit more hope now that a u.s. court has trumped from denying asylum to those and trying illegally some families are prepared to risk everything to try. if they don't let us in through the ports of entry we'll have to jump the wall there's no other way. the biggest risk is on the other side we could get killed but we have to help each other across the barrier. the migrants aren't currently considering jumping the wall on mass but they're also not ruling out protest action to demand force to processing of asylum requests more central american migrants are
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still making their way towards to. they face a dilemma jump the wall or injure or the arms and wait for asylum. and for more let's bring in. the men's who is standing by at the us mexico border. seven what would you say are the biggest challenges for people who are waving there at the border now. well challenge number one is what you see here and that is the border wall or the border fence actually brand new improved going from a half the size fence in our glee gray to a double the size fence in the rust collars the stance goes all the way down to the ocean and whoever wants to cross into the united states has to scale this fence here get over there get to do another fence or walk along those fans and swim in
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the ocean or rounds where the end of the fence is however as you can clearly see there is no surge or incursion of any form and kind of caravan migrants or central american migrants who made it to they are for the most part in shelters and hunkering down there asking and begging for more food water and necessities to feed their babies. so far here it's fairly quiet and there's not to be expected that any of those migrants we have seen before and now here who are here and do want to that they actually going to do this trying to scale this fence of making their way over to california or to send a go but now according to this new court ruling and i'd like to talk about it the talking ministration it cannot deny them the right to seek asylum even if they do choose to cross a wall or some sort of barrier on entry enter the country illegally how is that
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likely to change the situation. well this is absolutely right this is significant and it will change the situation if you will in that regard that this will work the words will trickle down to the migrants to the thousands here there's another batch of a thousand central american migrants coming and making their way to their one of the expected here tomorrow and they will know as well as the people in in the shelter whoever makes idiots of the fence that as soon as they put one foot on american ground they are and have the right to say hello i need asylum and here's my case here's why you need to consider me for asylum in the united states so this injunction which is i have to remind probably everybody this is temporary and there will probably be an appeal from the white house and from the trumpet ministration coming but it is temporary and it is assuring to those margarets who planned on
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going the legal way and planning for asylum or scaling the fence getting illegally onto the ground of the united states and then asked for asylum one way or another it's a good thing for them how about the residents of tail want to where you know this town where all of these thousands of people are now some of the some of the residents have been taking to the streets and demonstrating in the past couple of days tell us a little bit more about that. well. two hundred people that was the march on sunday i guess it was and i have to put it in perspective in the sense of this is a town of one point six million people there's one point six million people living here and we have at least ten times of the amount of those two hundred we were told were actually trying to help those caravan migrants there's a tremendous effort in this town by many many many people and organizations and who are organized in different ways and forms to help those margarets there bring diapers they bring baby food to the shelter they're trying to make their life in
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some way or form easier however they can so it is it is ryan is perfectly fine that people are demonstrating and saying like hello this could be a strain on. there's limited resources he and that is true they are and if this is going on for months and months to come then to one i will feel the pain for sure with or without federal help from mexico city however though the atmosphere is not a combatant if one had to juana one there was this march this protest march those voices were heard but the overwhelming majority into actually more than happy to help those common in right now at the us mexico border there ente want to step on simon thank you so much for your reporting. british prime minister theresa may had to brussels on wednesday as talks on britain's exit from the european union continue after agreeing on
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a briggs's deal with european negotiators may need the backing of leaders of e.u. member states ahead of a summit this sunday may well be heading to those talks after apparently surviving a challenge to her leadership at home for the moment members of may's cabinet have met for the first time since two senior ministers resigned over the braggs a deal last week those resignations heralded an attempt by hardline brings the tears to gather enough support for a leadership challenge against may that challenge has so far failed to materialize let's get more on that i'm joined by professor richard whitman he is an associate fellow at the think tank chatham house and a professor of politics and international relations at the university of kent and joins us on the telephone welcome to you it appears as we just mentioned there that there has been a failure of the hard line break to tears to get the support that they need is maize leadership say for now. with thirty three for today i think as you know
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this leadership contest is a kind of particularly one of the members of parliament votes letters which remain on fire and when they reach a trigger point which is forty eight this is do you think the significance of the parties in that creek is a very confident we don't know how many of those less is going to. she's were lying though we know very much on the support of the northern irish do you peeved but they are angered in the meantime over the bragg's the deal and they voted against the government last night how dangerous is that side of things for me. or the d.a.p. was sending a very clear signal that. their support cannot be taken for granted and really i think they've been putting down a marker. when you have a more serious note they would see a vote on the brics to see you then they won't necessarily go with the government despite disagreement as they have. what we call a supply and consent agreement to support the government on key votes so that is
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probably going to be a real worry for her because she's really relying on those numbers to to get any government business through and they also others they have called on her to renegotiate the deal and i just like to get propagator the mood from you because is there really a belief in the u.k. that renegotiation is a possibility. i think what you see in the u.k. at the moment is a very peculiar political situation in which you have members of the governing party. who are not willing to support the prime minister's deal not winning support to do she's being negotiated with with brussels and you know setting themselves up in effect as alternative negotiators now from outside the u.k. that may look strange but within the u.k. context we've got a civil war going on within the conservative party and that civil war is becoming no holds barred and what you're saying i think is a as a bracks a deal really becoming very very difficult for the prime minister to sell
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domestically at the same time as her sort of battling with her own party and she needs to set it out into the country to get the public to put pressure on our members of parliament she also needs to sell it in brussels and factions that she's heading there tomorrow she needs the backing of the e.u. states for this deal is she going to get it. when it looks like member states have issues of concern but i think those issues will probably come forward into the future e.u. u.k. because haitian. phase sokol phase two rather than where we are now because i think there's a great desire both in brussels as there is in around three surveys to you know to get the deal over the line to get there with rule agreement done to see that through and then start to talk about the future you know we years now in since the brics if i'm not really in a position to be very clear as to what the future the u.k.
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relationship is going to look like and that's clearly no good for both sides let's just play some hypotheticals here let's say for example she gets the backing of e.u. member states for this bribes it's you know she then needs to get the british parliament to back it how do you see that playing out. she has a look of can she get the votes i think it's really touch and go and what's going on in the moment is the whips you know those who who basically get members of parliament to line up for votes they already starting to to get to work on members of parliament to make very clear what the consequences would be if the government doesn't get to through agreement through the message that the sending to members of parliament is that if you defeat the prime minister on this then you're going to let the prospect of a labor government a german kovan that government become a real proposition because you have
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a government doesn't have the votes on this it then faces a potential no confidence vote which would bring down the government and see an outcome that i don't see any tory members of parliament want to see but you know there are very very bitter dividing lines on this vote and it's probably going to come down to some labor members of parliament defecting of voting with the government to see ruth through the green creek and that's the only way she's going to get it through if she gets it through richard whitman professor of politics and international relations at the university of kansas with your assessment of what might play out here when it comes to brogues that and domestic politics there in the u.k. thank you so much for your analysis. now to lebanon where refugee families who have escaped jihad this are being forced to hire out their children as day workers just to make ends meet some one hundred eighty thousand refugee children in lebanon are working long hours for little pay
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no place has a higher concentration of syrian refugees than in lebanon's bekaa valley if you have used i ybor he traveled to a un camp there and has been looking at one family's plight it is six in the morning in lebanon's bekaa valley eight year old so my i just woke up. a splash of cold water in the face and she is ready for work. her family fled syria to escape i asked her now they're in lebanon where they can't always afford breakfast so my issue is this tiny makeshift bed with three of her six siblings. she doesn't go to school there are no schools in the camp where would she go to school so why is mother is sick and cannot go to work her older siblings also work but so my is still needs to pitch in to help the family make ends meet so instead of getting on a school bus so my eye gets on the strike every morning where she is the only child
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among many adults. for two dollars a day some air collects whatever crop is ready for harvest in the bekaa valley. today it is onions and her hands are too little for the gloves the adults around her where. i came here from home today can collect the onions but i would rather have toys to play with three quarters of syrian refugees in lebanon live under the poverty line according to unicef an estimated one hundred eighty thousand syrian refugee children. have been forced into child labor in the country so a lot more to do i don't know when she goes to work and i stay at home of course i'm not happy with that she's just a small child and has to carry so much weight it could break her back it's hard for her. she should be at least thirteen or fourteen to do work like that.
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here so many refugee families in lebanon rely on their children to pay the bills and the resources of aid agencies are overstretched it's unlikely that so many will be able to start working anytime soon. and. filed that report she joins us now here in the studio to tell us a little bit more about the situation and especially the situation for this child's mother why is she not working well she would have very much like to work but the truth is that she really can't she suffers from severe knee problems and she's also illiterate so this pretty much excludes her from the majority of the jobs that she's actually qualified to do so the only jobs that. mother could do would things that would involve intense physical labor like farming like cleaning houses or working in shops and things like that so that's that's that's not something that
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she could do that she could do any more and from what i could also observe like we mentioned the reports of my aunt has six other siblings two of them one of them is an infant of the baby and the other is older than three years old so the mother also has a job of also being a mother. to two these young children's that are maybe even smaller than smile and cannot take care of themselves whatsoever and how common is her story i mean there was the statistic about the one hundred eighty thousand syrian refugee children in lebanon being forced into child labor but just what i personally witnessed being in the bekaa valley for about two days and also working on this issue is that unfortunately it's very common it's too common you know we saw her on this truck alone in the midst of adults but i've also seen other trucks where half of the half of the people on that were children in beirut it's also common to see children roaming the streets selling selling things but also you see children working in
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their kind of labor activities that are even more dangerous than farming so like working in mechanical shops or even constructions and things like that so unfortunately quite common and there's no schooling provided in the camps the problem with this camp is that it's it's the problem of all syrian refugee camps in lebanon is that these are not official campaign. the lebanese government tory slee not allowed you in h.c.r. to establish official camps in lebanon for complex reasons that. perhaps we might not be able to get into right now but the outcome is then what you see is that these are not official camps they lack the basic emon it is like schools but also things like sewage they're not allowed the refugees are not allowed to build any concrete structures in these camps so this unfortunately limits their living space to these makeshift tents make made out of plastic lebanese winters in that area of lebanon are harsh and they've the camps flood very regularly or they burn down because of the heat or whatever and then they're pretty much left on their own but
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let's get into it a little bit into the details why doesn't it allow official camps there eleven and part of there isn't one particular reason but part of the reason is that you know this is eight years into the into the syrian into the syrian conflict lebanon had its first parliamentary election in eight years may have this year so the country is actually found itself in the political stalemate for quite a while for there to be any late fundamentally changing attitudes towards towards refugees in the country at the very beginning of the of the of the policy of lebanon not allowing refugee camps to be built any star actually hailed it but it was a great idea and saw that it was an opportunity for the refugee population to be integrated more into the society and to go into live and housing and rent but. after a while it became clear that the capacity of the logical capacity of the country just does not allow for it but also because of lebanon's specific history with palestinian refugee camps since one nine hundred forty eight and how the state
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doesn't really have control over these come so they're very allergic to the idea of having permanent structures that they may or may not be able to control. thank you . now taking care of a child with cerebral palsy can be a huge challenge for parents it is a neurological disorder that affects a child's movement and motor skills and can also trigger many other health issues parents in many parts of the world often don't get the support that they need and in many african countries there is the additional problem of the social stigma attached to having a child with special needs but as we found out in ghana things are changing. three year old a ram has cerebral palsy him other hand i y g has virtually put a cardiac as a generalist almost completely on the road to ensure a row explore the kaisha needs i have practised a lot of pussy tv's i'm a mickey sure. telling myself that it's not his fault that's. who i
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need to do it for he and then ordinary the it's difficult because in those trucks. we're doing things. to do he's taking his daughter for a few to a therapy session at a facility for children with disabilities like many mothers of children with special needs don't have the necessary training to help the kids. the center court academy also provides counseling for mothers like hannah it is a police of refuge for them managers of the academy bring in physiotherapy from zero up to let each month this and how to care for children suffering from disability with no other party conversely private institutions like these are vital but parents of children because abilities don't just have to worry about finding
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the right physiotherapist for school and yet children often face discrimination in one place and hoping to change some. his first. chance believing with. for years and has just written a comic about. with cerebral palsy. good. music. bad guys. should. story. many parents of children with cerebral palsy. and with help from i came around and look forward to
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the future. can grow into a hot coals. and on that hopeful note we'll leave you here on the day i'm sorry don't forget as always you can always follow us on social media. the day you can follow me at sarah kelly thank you so much for watching have a great day. saving
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this is g w news live from berlin a u.s. court deals a blow to president trump's asylum battle as thousands of central american migrants head toward california a federal judge says that aren't under current law trump cannot deny them the right to seek asylum even if they enter the country illegally. also coming.


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